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Male Mania 

"Soup Tah Dah”

Cauldron of

Viagra - Testosterone - GMO - Sky Sprayed Toxins - Oil - Gas - Methane - Radiation and on and on and on and on...


Have you taken Sex Drugs, and other drugs pushed on humans? Are you finding yourself trapped in the mad sex search now? Depressed? Anxious? Uncertain of what life has become? Hopeless, or suicidal? You've been tricked, trapped and set up for this mania. It's planned population reduction. A scheme to control those who are expendable. You not paying attention is the ace in the hole for the small group of "Lex Luthor" type oligarchs who engage in the death agenda. Notice how preservation of "Life" is NOT their agenda? It's even more noticeable on their profiteering spreadsheets of paper doll conjured writings...called dollars. These are the smallest of minds, and merely revolve around piles of slaughtered trees in their lavish little cages of gold. See the prison they live in and know that unlike you they can't walk the streets freely. Trapped in their own conjured valuation behind paper walls of nothingness. All the while existing completely opposite of the true meaning of life...The ultimate price THEY pay. Check the Class Actions Click Here


Nature expected males to follow the rules. Instead they conjured ways to enslave people into believing they are free under the guise of fake value. This conjured value does NOT exist except in the minds of the oligarchs who conjured it. By sheer force they pushed it onto society in a tyrannical way. In other words if you don't agree well you'll be cast out or die. If you don't jump in and try to secure your pile of their conjured paper DOLLars then you are immediately classified as impoverished and low class. Think about it...YOU are low class because YOU do not POSSESS hoards of paper DOLLars that THEY "made up"! So factually speaking you have your paper DOLLars in your left hand and in your right hand is...


Nature will laugh last and laugh the loudest among realms of delusion and indigenous syndromes emerging from infestation of the planet. It aint the bugs folks, it's men. The only species to contaminate life itself. To destroy and exhibit vile behavior is to remain savage in their existence. The savage concept merely flips to new items of possession for control. The main objectives of Lex Luthor syndrome: Possession...I want to control the world! We'll you are watching it live and can bear witness to all of it yourself. You can choose real life or fake life.


Did you know life does NOT revolve around paper DOLLars? It lies parallel to us right now. We just have to choose option # 2. You start somewhere and begin to choose other than entrapment, other than enslavement, other than buried in fake inflated debt, other than servicing the male parasites who live off of women. (DARE to dispute this from a female who has now lived 53 years with over 30 of those years riddled with male atrocities forced upon her, her family and to date we are still enduring this atrocious behavior from males). We don't call them men anymore we call them male savages, because THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE. Verifiably and historically ground in stone - literally on the record.


Once educated on the true facts you can't go back. It's a permanent status and there is no turning back once you gain an understanding of what is really going on here. Comprehending the magnitude and realizing the masses have been tortured over this incredibly cynical agenda we have all been touched by and greatly affected by. Who will charge them for stealing life? Who is Nature's representative? Our parasitic existence has reached the point of no return and the males have managed to implode themselves into extinction at their own hands. They are the very 1st species to do this according to geneticists reports. Everyone can read these reports on the web as we did. It's alarming a sector of our race would be so uncooperative in light of their schedule of extinction. According to major ongoing studies it is a failsafe Nature had all along should one particular species become out of control. Built in mechanisms within Nature beyond the comprehension of mere males which remove them from the equation. With the firm understanding "life" is NOT about your mentally conjured agendas. People were fooled into this and the oligarchs are hanging on for dear life now because they have been found out by many. They can no longer operate under the guise of freedom within a completely enslaved and disguised flip side agenda.


Meanwhile they scurry about like cockroaches hoarding their made up paper value, while they exchange their life for it. Simply said THEY sold their souls to evil...YOU did not. THEY are the target because of their agenda...YOU are not. The position for all of humanity now is we are separate and parallel to them. NOW we will live as Nature intended. All you have been taught, fed, programmed with, by and for, is a pile of dishonest rubble for everyone to view. There are no secrets and humanity will now win the right to survive according to how Nature intended. It’s what the people want.

All people are fed up. Shortest story ever told. If you do the math you will be aware of the true facts as opposed to tuning it out. Instead tune it up and pump up the volume on your awareness and begin living according to how you were entitled to...How Nature intended. Without restraints conjured by tyrannical males. Read stats Click Here


Men insist on doing things wrong and Women insist on doing things right. So we are gender divided race of beings with the opposition being our own kind. Not a productive equation when you can counter their agenda with a  better agenda that would make more of their own paper DOLLars while feeding and housing the entire human population. Instead they (male parasitic profiteers) choose to trap you into their game of hoarding. The one with the biggest pile wins, and you die. There is no equation we can find worse than that.


WE THE PEOPLE are the parallelograms to tyranny. It's already fixed and ready to be lived correctly. Implemented ignorance of their activities is in order, and eventually they will fade away at their own hands. There is no need to spend one more second of precious life on their small minded agenda. It serves only one small group...them. You were never invited to play and you were counted as pure expense. You never had a name or identity only a monetization calculation on some fat disgusting tyrants spreadsheet. Let's call it what it is.


Life was right here all along...It is a guess for when a species reaches a certain level of implosion and pre-destiny, they trigger the awakening to further along their own extermination without even realizing it. Nature’s own male-raid mechanism of extinction...the natural failsafe of our origin.


You are either an ASSET or a BURDEN to the planet and life, . Let's get technical for a moment, with mathematics. Man made up law placed over Nature as the same guide you would conclude overall in general (and the numbers are astounding), all males should be executed for their atrocities against the planet, our origin, Women, children, and wildlife. Bottom line MATH that is indisputable. If Nature had the same consideration CRIMINALS do. Instead Nature has no consideration at all.


As far as the males go Women are still on the menu and they will continue to try to service themselves at the expense of them, as opposed to serving them (the women) correctly for life to continue and progress. The only problem now is Women are no longer putting men on their menus. Due to a variety of factors with the main one being they are majorly “turned off” in general and across the board. The fact is Women are planning to live life without men. So the grandstanding efforts of tyranny is causing a rebound effect and Women are now motivated to ignore their existence basically. They are not seeking them out or servicing them any longer. You can dress up and disguise tyranny in lavishness or cave like surroundings...they are exactly the same, and they both have nothing. A mere facade of their over compensation for having nothing. The male with the most has the least of life imaginable.


The cauldron is brewing...will you be on the menu?


Rev. HP D. Sears

D. Reilly - Knight